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musebox_from_elibe: (Small city)

Musebox from Elibe

A small, invite-only Fire Emblem-base musebox.

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Name:Our Fire Emblem AU musebox
Posting Access:All Members
A small, invite-only Fire Emblem-base musebox.

Some basic info for the players here:

* Months of the year
* Church Knights
* Basic FAQ
* How to post
* Character list

Interests (20):

alexis/kristy, alexis/mariette, delilah/meron, elibe, everyone gay for meron, female domination, karon/juliette, lol idk, musebox, original characters, roleplaying, semira/mariette, semira/vicktor, sheron/kristy, the female cavaliers, the pegasus brothers, those fucking etrurians, throwing squirrels, vicktor/mariette, we need more menz
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